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A Tradition of Excellence

Riverside Men's Shop Interior VintageIn 2007, Riverside Men's Shop began a new era of ownership. Natalie and James Neumann, longstanding members of the Western New York retail community, purchased the business from the Ehrenreich family, who had owned and operated the store since its establishment in 1918.

The Neumanns have focused on maintaining Riverside Men's Shop's reputation for offering quality products at affordable prices and by employing some of the most experienced salespeople in the city. When you come into Riverside Men's Shop, you will get the service you deserve and the quality you are paying for.

A Long History in the Community

Riverside Men's Shop Vintage ExteriorThe store, which has recently moved to it's current location in Depew, directly across from the original Salvatore's Italian Gardens, originally stood at the corner of Tonawanda and Ontario Streets in the Riverside neighborhood of Buffalo. For 86 years, that corner was synonymous with men's fashion in Buffalo.

When Samuel Ehrenreich opened the store in 1918, it was a simple work clothes and haberdashery store. In 1935, the store was incorporated and given a new name: Riverside Men's Quality Shop, Inc.

Just 5 years later, in 1940, a fire destroyed the building and almost forced the family out of business. Samuel's son, David Ehrenreich, who co-owned the store with brother Raymond, traveled to Philadelphia to meet with Joe Daroff, the store's largest vendor. He told Daroff they would not be able to pay him for the goods they had received just prior to the fire. Daroff took David into his shipping room and told him anything there was his. David said, "I just told you that we couldn't pay you what we owe you."

Riverside Men's Shop Vintage InteriorLegend has it that Daroff's reply was: "I didn't ask you for any money."

Three days later, the new merchandise was being sold across the street on pipe racks, and the store was back in business for good.

Later that year, the Ehrenreichs hired local architect Louis Greenstein to create a brand-new building, which was built by local contractors using the most modern features of the day. The all-new Riverside Men's Shop boasted the city's first air-conditioning, first plate-glass doors, and first fluorescent lighting.

The Ehrenreich family never looked back -- only forward -- and the store has been a cornerstone of the Buffalo-Niagara retail community ever since. Founded on strong values like honesty, integrity and trust, the Riverside Men's Shop has thrived on a continued commitment to quality and customer service.

Riverside Men's Shop....Empowering the Men of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.... The Legacy continues!


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